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University of Virginia
Rapid Prototyping Lab
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Important Product and Help Information

Below, you will find summaries of each process. For more information, view this Coursepack Document.
To learn more about Fused Deposition Modeling, please view the FDM Document.
If you wish to use this service, please follow these Instructions.
Lastly, before you decide to place an order, please review our Service Agreement.



Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is the broad term that includes additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques:

-Additive Techniques-
Stereo Lithography
Layered Object Manufacturing
Selective Laser Sintering
Fused Deposition Modeling

-Subtractive Techniques-
 Computer Numerical Control
Laser and Water Jet Cutters

We use Fused Deposition Modeling (or 3-D Printing) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC).
At our labs, we have six uPrint Plus printers, one FORTUS printer, and one Roland Modela CNC machine.
We will soon have a second CNC machine running, which will be a HAAS OM-2A.

New to the lab: a 75-Watt Universal Laser Cutter!

Processing Options


The uPrint Plus machines print ABS (acrylonite butadiene styrene).
With uPrint, you will have a choice of 9 colors:
Ivory | White
Red | Orange | Blue
Grey | Black
The maximum print size is 8" x  8" x  6" with a minimum layer resolution of 0.010 inches.



*Standard tip and material will be ABS and .010" resolution.
One color will be available. Right now, it is Red.

Because of the high cost associated with changing tips and materials in the FORTUS,
changes will only be made if a client deems it critical. There is an additional charge of
$200.00 for a tip/material change. Contact dwight@virginia.edu for more information. We
apologize for the inconvenience.

The FORTUS machine has a maximum build size of 16" x  14" x  16".

Roland Modela CNC
(Option Available Soon)

It uses computer-aided design tool paths to cut material from larger block.
It is capable of cutting softer materials like wood and thin aluminum.
The maximum build size is 27" x  15" x  6"

Questions? Contact us!

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